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Let’s Fill the Stadium

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Greg, Pat, John discusses how so many people worked to fill stadiums so that Reverend Billy Graham could preach the Gospel which resulted in many people all over the world coming to God and accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.  They continue to discuss how Vine Fellowship Network has been called to fill stadiums and the ground work and foundation for that is to fill the “virtual “stadium through VFNRadio with social media and Facebook.  What we are presently seeing is that for as little as one dollar someone is able to get a chair for someone to hear the Gospel preached to them.   Imagine how many people could hear the Gospel not just once like Rev. Billy Graham was able to do but many times through VFNRadio because you gave financially so they could have a seat.  Let’s fill this stadium together so that many can hear the saving power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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