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Putting all the Pieces Together

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Greg, John, and Pat share the bigger picture and begin to put the pieces together.  All the pieces from Bill Ayers,  “to fundamentally transforming America” to Israel surrounded by a caliphate, to President Obama empowering the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and has taken down the leader of Libya and has said the President of Syria, Bashaad should step down.  He continues to share the he believes this has a lot to do with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and her influence in the background.  Greg shares that he doesn’t believe either political party is the answer for America but rather a repentant church crying out to God.  He also shares that another piece to this puzzle is what is happening in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where they just built a 50,000 foot Islamic center which has a ten thousand foot mosque for only two hundred members.  They plan to fill it with migration through immigration, by bringing Muslims into America from other Muslim countries.  This is already happening in Europe, in this segment Greg shares due to the declining birth rate of many European countries and the migration through immigration of Muslims many countries in Europe will become Muslim countries by the migration of its new citizens.   He also shares that all the church has to do is repent, turn to God, and maybe He will allow us to keep our country.

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