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Re-Digging the Wells, Birmingham, AL


September 15, 2012

 Redigging the Wells

Greg and Paul Davidson, of Overflow Ministries, speak about Redigging the Wells that will be held in Birmingham AL 49 years to the day of the Birmingham by the KKK.  Paul shares about why he wanted Greg to be a part as he was there at the United Prayer in Pensacola event where Greg and Pastor Willie Williams, an African American pastor follow the Lord’s lead (Greg being a former law enforcement officer) follow the Lord’s lead to repent for the racial profiling that was taking place in the United States of America, while later to find out the Martin Luther King Jr. III at the same time speaking out against racial profiling in America on the Washington Mall and more.  See the video of Greg and Pastor Willie Williams on the stage repenting for the racial profiling of law enforcement as Greg kneels before Pastor Williams before all of Pensacola to ask forgiveness and how God manifested His presence in such a powerful way and turn the entire gathering.  

Redigging the Wells

Long ago, Isaac re-dug the wells of his forefather Abraham. God then renewed the covenant blessings of his

Paul & Susan Davidson
Overflow Ministries

father for his generation.

Out of Southern Black Churches in the 1950’s and 60’s a movement emerged from Spirit filled prayer, worship, and Biblical preaching which overcame forces of injustice and unrighteousness. In Birmingham, God used the courage of Fred Shuttlesworth to inspire a movement to transform a city, that transformed a nation, that transformed the world. A well of justice was dug in Birmingham during the spring of 1963 which led to the March on Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr’s, “I Have a Dream Speech” that summer.

But the euphoria of 1963 was shattered when a KKK bomb in Birmingham killed four girls on Sunday morning, September 15, at the 16th Street Baptist Church. The next morning, attorney Charles Morgan addressed a gathering of businessmen and squarely laid the blame for the murders at the feet of every silent citizen in Birmingham. His remarks were carried around the nation. “Some say Birmingham is a dying city. Birmingham is not dying. Birmingham is dead.” Birmingham’s well of justice was corked.

On October 5, 2011, at age 89, Fred Shuttlesworth joined the cloud of witnesses in heaven. A man the Klan couldn’t kill lived to see the surviving bombers brought to justice. Birmingham is in a new era. But forces of violence and injustice are still here in old and new forms. It is up us, the crowd of witnesses, to pull down a New Birmingham by unified corporate prayer, fasting, and worship in Jesus name.  MORE

United Prayer in Pensacola

Greg is led by the Lord to stand in the gap and repent for racial profiling of African American’s by law enforcement August 26, 2000, Pensacola, Florida

Also the same day, later Greg found out that Martin Luther King Jr. III was protesting racial profiling in America a that very same time.

Here is the article and transcripts from Martin Luther King Jr. III speech. TRANSCRIPTS

Marching Against Racial Profiling August 26, 2000, TRANSCRIPTS
Martin Luther King III

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VFNRadio made the above image based on what the Lord was making prophetically known

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