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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss a recent interview regarding Muslims allegedly plans for an Islamic America.  They continue to share that the Muslim Brotherhood is very clear in what their objective are and how seeds for sharia have been sown in America.  They are clear in what they want: Jihad, Sharia, and Caliphate.  They want Koran to be the law, the same book that denies Jesus Christ as God.  At the same time President Obama is giving three days of the DNC (Democratic National Convention) to the promotion of Islam.

CBN News:  Stakelbeck on Terror Show: One-on-One with UK Islamist Anjem Choudary

He’s been called Great Britain’s most hated man and the face of radical Islam in the United Kingdom.
Anjem Choudary makes no bones about it–he wants to see Britain become an Islamic state ruled by sharia law. In his vision, Britain would be part of a global Islamic caliphate–or super state–and the entire world would bow to Allah.
But what sets Choudary apart from the Muslim Brotherhood and other silver-tongued Islamists here in the West is that he tells you upfront, with no mincing of words, exactly what he wants: jihad, sharia, caliphate.
I discovered that right away the first time I interviewed him in 2010–a conversation you first saw here on Stakelbeck on Terror. I recently sat down with Choudary again for an encore in London.  MORE

Erick Stakelbeck’s 2010 Interview w UK Islamist Anjem Chourdary

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