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The Church Turns to Government: Grant writer deceives Pastors


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Greg recounts a period in time that on air  what he called the 80’s was actually during the Presidency of George W. Bush in 2001, when many in the church were talking about faith based initiatives.  A way the government can partner with grant money to faith based organizations. Greg expressed his reservation at the time but because he was invited by a group of ministers to hear from a grant writer who was able to write a grant that could help faith based organizations.  He describes his feeling of hurt and for the ministers gathered when the grant writer basically rebukes these Pastors and shepherds of God’s people on a speaker phone.  He continues to share how he could not be a part of this and eventually the end result after some time was that the grant writer stole their money and one man eventually went to jail.  Greg makes the connection to what is happening with Occupy Wall Street to what was happening with the church. The church should never turn to government for money it should always turn to God.  God is enough.

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