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Home » God’s MERCY-Naries, by Bob Jones

God’s MERCY-Naries, by Bob Jones


Saturday August 18th as Bob was taking a nap he went into a trance and began to prophesy in rhythm. The first section of this message is what he spoke in that trance-like state while the second section is what he was shown.


“Shortly there will be a war that I will declare and it will be a great victory! For I am going to hire mercy-naries, you see, and I shall pay well when they work for Me. Health and peace of mind will be their pay and joy they never knew. Money will be the least of things for I will prosper them in all ways. Mercy-naries are professional soldiers that have fought in many lands and fought in many battles. They are well trained in the sword, you see.

Bob and Bobbie Jones

The Word of God I will put in them and that will be their victory. They shall know defeat no longer, but they shall be victorious. They shall know honor in Me. There will be no defeat for them. They are warriors and I will give them the victory. My pay to them shall be love, joy and peace that they will have within themselves. This shall be the tip of the sword of which they touch many. They have been warriors in many religious churches. Now I call them unto “the Church” and they will have a victory in Me.” Amen.

Battle Proven Warriors

Bob was shown that these mercy-naries are old warriors; scarred and battle proven. They are going to fight for a nation that they are not a citizen of (Ephesians 2:19). They have fought in many battles and scarred by the religious spirit. This religious spirit will no longer be able to touch them because they have been healed and delivered from it.

These mercy-naries know how to utilize every weapon in the armory of God. They’re familiar with each weapon and His battle plan. As many of the old leadership have gone home, these warriors will replace them. They will be the ones on the front line of the battle field and total mercy will be their mission.

Joel’s Army!

Joel 2:1:
Blow the trumpet in Zion,
And sound an alarm in My holy mountain!
Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble;
For the day of the Lord is coming,
For it is at hand:

These are the days Joel prophesied! The Father will blow the trumpet in Zion and call His army into formation (Amos 1:1). These are not battle weary soldiers but warriors well-armed in the power of the Word and the fear of the Lord. They march forward in the might of the Holy Spirit never breaking rank. They never strive against one another but move in unity forming God’s most powerful army.

Joel 2:7-10:
They run like mighty men,
They climb the wall like men of war;
Every one marches in formation,
And they do not break ranks.
They do not push one another;
Every one marches in his own column
Though they lunge between the weapons,
They are not cut down.
They run to and fro in the city,
They run on the wall;
They climb into the houses,
They enter at the windows like a thief.
The earth quakes before them,
The heavens tremble;
The sun and moon grow dark,
And the stars diminish their brightness.

God is Declaring War!

The Father declares war but the mercy-naries fight it at His command. We are the soldiers of fortune on this land. Our fortune is to do His Will. There will be great prosperity in His peace of mind, joy and love. The voice of the Father is the only one they will hear as they march forward into battle. Their life is spent on doing the Father’s will. Not one will cower to the fear of man or be led astray by the enemy.

Joel 2:11
The Lord gives voice before His army,
For His camp is very great;
For strong is the One who executes His word.
For the day of the Lord is great and very terrible;
Who can endure it?

Note: Mercy is not getting the judgment that we deserve.
Nary simply means not any; no; never a: nary a sound.

Bob and Bonnie Jones
The Prophetic Ministry of Bob and Bonnie Jones

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