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Home » BARACKracy? When Socialism Replaces Faith in God

LISTEN NOW! When you see all that is taking place in America through President Obama placing all the bureaucracy in place, you are seeing the foundation laid for a socialistic form of government; a BARACKracy.  Greg shares about how the German Church is so intergraded with the government that 70% of the monies that come into the “Church” are collected by the government.  You’ll hear an interview on DW’s Agenda program from this week where they are saying that the reason why America’s Church is so much more alive than Germany or Europe. They describe “post-Christian, is that we have to have “belief,” faith because we don’t have socialism, i.e. the Government taking care of us, like they do.  America is at a crossroads and those in socialism know better than we as Americans know that we have a different form of Government than them, but also that we’ll begin to lose faith in God when Government becomes our provider.  They didn’t mention that America is the richest, most powerful, most generous nation that has ever been and the nation that helped free them from the rule of Hitler because of our faith in God and the U. S. Constitution form of Government.  Some other things discussed were Original Intent of the Church, democracy, socialism, communism, U. S. Constitution, tithes, offerings, institutionalized Church.


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