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Home » Do you have the Courage to Look in the Mirror? Maybe it’s You?

Do you have the Courage to Look in the Mirror? Maybe it’s You?

 Greg shares perspective by sharing a couple of situations from his own life and shares about a pair of eyeglasses that wouldn’t fit correctly on his face.  After being frustrated and very concerned with not being able to see properly Greg kept visiting the store seeking for the store to remedy this issue and fix the glasses.  After several visits they let Greg in on the problem.  They told him one of his ears was lower than the other and that’s why he was unable to see properly.  The problem was never with the glasses or the store but with the fact that Greg had one ear lower than the other.  Greg, John, and Pat discuss that often times when there is an issue or problem going on we instantly look outside of ourselves for the problem when in reality maybe it’s us with the problem and not someone else.  If things are not going right, maybe things are going crazy, be brave enough to look in the mirror and find out if the issue is you.  The benefit of finding out the truth is you can fix it.  Consider that maybe that it can be you.  Evaluate yourself and begin by working on you first.


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