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Home » Is the Church Conforming to the World?

Is the Church Conforming to the World?

 Apostle Paul encourages the church in  Romans 12:1-2 not to conform to the patterns of this world.  It was good instruction then and it still good instruction for today’s Church. Greg, John, and Pat share how God has called his Church to be separate in the way it acts and lives from those in the world, those who do not know God.   Yet when looking at some of the Church and the world it’s hard to differentiate between the two.  They share regarding shameful things ministers are doing in front young people in their church gatherings where carnality is being used to reach peoples flesh.  All the while some of the Church has so intertwined that America and God look the same to them.  Saying things like a certain political party is God’s party.  God came before America not the other way around.  The pilgrims came to this country to seek a place where they can serve God and out of that desire America was able to come forth.  A nation where a constitution was created that allows us to be nonconformists. We’ll see the Church in America come alive again, when we give up trying to “blend in” and realize “friendship with the world is an enemy of God” and that we can’t win someone to God, by becoming what they are held captive by.  God has called us to be a Holy people.
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