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Pain Relief; How to Keep America


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Greg, Pat, and John discuss how Reverend Billy Graham was consistent and steady throughout his life and ministry and through the tenure of many U.S. Presidents as was the faithful and consistent ministry of the prophet Jeremiah through Israel’s many years of transition.  God raises up prophets to speak to his people.  God is speaking to the Church; if you’ll listen and turn to God you can keep the land.  Jeremiah spoke to God’s people but they weren’t listening to him.   If you will just listen and take God’s warning prior to everything taking place you will make it.  It’s not over until God says it’s over.  God is loving on us when he is warning us, he says he won’t harm you and is offering pain relief. Just like God’s prophets of old warned the Israelites, God’s Prophets today are warning the church not to provoke him to anger.  The answer is simple we just have to turn to him and leave other “gods”, such as money and anything else man is worshiping in place of the one true God. According to George Barna nearly 97 percent of the church does not honor God with their tithes and offerings. God has a jealous love for his people all he wants is for us to turn our hearts to him and not to harm us but we must stop provoking him to anger, if we do we can keep the land.

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