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Parties are Over: It’s time to Vote Values


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LISTEN NOW! The two party system is over and many are saying that a third party will rise up.  Greg shares how this emerging party will be conservative but one that fears God.  Just like during the reign of King Ahab of Israel the Bible states that God through the Prophet Elijah gave Israel a clear choice.  Will they serve the prophets of Baal or will they choose God?  Today America stands at a clear point of decision in regards to values.  Will America choose the innocent shedding of blood, abortion, or will they choose to honor the sanctity of life?  Will America choose marriage as how God says in His word it should be between one man and one woman or will America choose to vote for same sex marriages and change the way marriage is defined?  Will America choose to honor God and trust Him or will America choose to honor government as God?  Freedom comes only with a moral society.  Take the time to educate yourself on God’s values and where each candidate and voting issue stands in regards to God’s values.  Vote God’s values.  There is a clear decision to be made.

Word of knowledge,“We should vote and pray for those to be in authority which will give us a society that will be most conducive to us being able to spread of the Gospel.”

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