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Tracking Chip May be in your back pocket?

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Greg, John, and Pat discuss new technologies that are making it easier for the new beast economy to emerge.  Just like the proverbial frog never jumped out of the boiling water so too will many who will get drawn into the beast economy.  The latest increase in the water temperature is the RFID (radio frequency identification) which they discuss is being used in at least two schools in Texas to track students attendance.  This is allegedly being done to ensure the schools can continue to receive funding.  Greg, John, and Pat continue to share that this RFID chip is being used in credit and debit cards.  The RFID Chip works by sending radio frequencies. New credit and debit cards now have the RFID chip as a way to pay for items without even swiping.  Just lift your card and let the chip in the card do all the work and make the payment.
Although they are allegedly touted as safe Greg, John, and Pat discuss a video showing how with simple technology bought online a man who with permission for demonstration purposes was able to get the credit card from the person just by being near them with this device.  This simple and inexpensive device was able to intercept the radio frequency from the credit card. If that was not bad enough the gentleman shows how he encoded his hotel room key to work as credit card with the numbers he was able to retrieve.  He demonstrates its effectiveness by buying a soft drink. 
They also continue to share and discuss a video where Adam Savage of the program “Myth Busters”, on the Discovery Channel and their attempt to prove or disprove some myths regarding this technology.  He goes on to say that when their team from Discovery allegedly called Texas Instruments they were greeted on the phone by a host of attorneys.  He said he could still feel the hairs on his arm stand up needless to say the program regarding RFID chip was never produced.  Greg, John, and Pat continue to talk about the RFID chip, the mark of the beast and the emerging beast economy.  One of satan’s identifiers is a deceiver.  Don’t be deceived abide with God.  

Adam Savage from Myth Busters

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