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John and Greg discuss the recent act of Kindness done by an NYPD officer who bought socks and boots for a homeless man he saw while on patrol in Times Square.  The officer noticed on that particularly cold night a homeless man, who was barefoot.  His act of kindness was not only appreciated by the man but because a tourist caught this act of kindness with a picture many in social media did as well.  This picture was shared 133,000 times and liked 409,000 times on Facebook.  Greg and John continue to discuss many of the random kind acts that Christians do all over the world, are not recognize by many because the Bible, Matthew 6:3, instructs Christians when giving to the needy, “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”  In other words, don’t brag or share with others your good works. Allow God who sees what you have done in secret, to reward you in public.  Greg and John continue to discuss how many times God, is “liking” and “sharing” all the wonderful kind deeds He sees his children doing.

screen capture from youtube.com ABC News




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