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Home » Baby Super Market: Don’t under estimate Evil

Baby Super Market: Don’t under estimate Evil


John, Pat, and Chris discuss what has come to surface in the country of Spain.  CBN, Christian Broadcasting News, is reporting that that a court ordered exhumation has been ordered to see if there are any dead newborn babies in coffins.  Allegedly there may be 300,000 Spanish babies that have been taken from their mothers and sold on the black market.  This evil has been taking place since as early as 1939 during the Franco dictatorship.  This was allegedly done with the help an evil web of doctors, nurses, priest and nuns.  Babies taken away from their mothers and sold all the while telling lies to mothers that, their babies died after giving birth.  John, Pat, and Chris share that there is gross evil and that as Christians we must not be naïve of this evil and of those like radical Islam that hate Jews and those who follow Jesus, Christians.  They continue to share the bible says that in the last days the love of many will grow cold and this is referring to the church.  What would a loveless world look like?  It was nothing but evil that not only used Hitler, but the Nazis, and the German citizens to be responsible for the killing of six million Jews.  All evil comes from satan but he needs people to follow his will.  They continue to discuss what Gotz Aly allegedly shares in his book Hitler’s Beneficiaries, that some German citizens where willing to look the other way when Jews were being killed because much of their furniture, gold, money, and property was given to them by Hitler.  As believers we must be united in love for each other and Jesus Christ and be aware that just like Isaiah 59:19 says that when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord Shall lift up a standard against him.  May that standard be Christians, who live for Jesus share the truth and never back down to evil.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for Christians to do nothing with the truth they know.

Courtesy of Anna Jurkovska/

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