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Google Releases Transparency Report: Is the Government Surveilling You ?


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LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss Google’s recent Transparency Report that allegedly indicates that government surveillance of online lives is rising sharply.  This report has been published twice a year since 2009.  According to the BBC the United States government made the most requests, asking for details; 7,969 in the first reporting period, the first six months of 2012.   What has allowed this alleged gathering of this information is the Electronic Communication Privacy Act.  This act was instituted in 1986 and doesn’t take into consideration for instance how email data is currently stored.   According to Wikipedia’s article about the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, says that email stored on a third party’s server for more than 180 days is considered by law, to be abandoned and all that is required to obtain the content of the emails is for a law enforcement agency to provide a written statement certifying that the information is relevant to their investigation.  These standards are below probable cause that is needed to secure a search warrant according to the 4thamendment.  John, Pat, and Greg share regarding the 4th Amendment and the protection it affords U.S. citizens. 

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