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Two and Half Men Star, Comes to Jesus

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Greg, John, and Pat talk about Angus Jones star of the Television show, Two and Half Men.  Angus just recently gave his life to the Lord and in a recorded video tells his fans not to watch the show because it’s nothing but filth. Angus, who is paid $350,000 per episode, says that he is on the show and has one more year left in his contract but he does not want to be on the show anymore.  He realizes that now he is walking with God, he can’t walk with Jesus and with darkness.  They also continue to talk and listen to Brian Welch’s testimony, former guitarist for the rock group, Korn.  Brian gave his life to the Lord and walked away from millions of dollars because he could never go back to the world, he would much rather have Jesus.

Angus Jones Testimony

Brian Welch Testimony

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