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Home » VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 11/30/12

VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 11/30/12

   Fiscal Cliff: Will this Crisis be
   Greg, John and Pat continue to discuss the looming fiscal cliff.  They share how both congress and the President need to work together because this is what the American people expect.  However, it was former chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel who allegedly said, that a crisis should never be wasted.  The question is, how far will this administration go?  They continue to discuss the fallout Great Britain experienced when they raised the taxes of the millionaires in their country.  Many of them left the country with their money to the detriment of the nation.  If we continue to raise taxes on the top income earners, what will happen if they leave and move their businesses and money to another nation?  The results will be that the rest of Americans will have their taxes raised and will have to pay what the top income earners were paying.  
     United Nations Votes to Recognize the state of Palestine: Was this a good idea?
Just yesterday the United Nationsvoted to recognize the state of Palestineto the vote of 138 to 9 in favor with 41 abstentions.  Only seven other nations joined the United States and Israelin voting no.  This is being seen by many as an actual legitimization of a Palestinian state and as a way to force negotiations between Israel and Palestine.  Palestine was granted non-member status, which gives them the opportunity to join the International Criminal Court and lobby for war crime charges to be brought to Israel.  Greg, John and Pat discuss how this was not a good idea.   There is a radical Islamic strategy for a caliphate to annihilate Israel.  They continue to share that as this is going on in the world with so much prophetic fulfillment occurring, the church at large remains asleep and snoring. It is important for the Christian to know that as Israel goes so goes the church.  If there ever was a time for Jew and Christians alike to have a saving personal relationship with Jesus, this would be the time.  



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