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VFNRadio First Hour Broadcast 11/28/12


Israel and the Iron Dome

John and Pat discuss Israel’s Iron Dome and how it works.  The basic function of the Iron dome is to intercept rockets that are shot into Israel and destroy them before they land and cause damage.  It is a sophisticated defense system that rapidly shoots down incoming rockets.  John goes on to mention the true Iron Dome of Israel.  He shares about an image he saw with God’s hand coming down from heaven over Israel offering it protection. 
“ He who watches over Israel will Neither Slumber nor sleep.  Psalm 121:4

Physicians Encouraged to write RX Plan B for Girls Under 17?
According to Philly.com the American Academy of Pediatrics allegedly recommends its members provide emergency contraception to “teenagers in immediate need” and to write prescriptions in advance for emergency contraception.  Presently, girls under the age of 17 need a prescription for emergency contraception.  John and Pat encourage parents to stay informed and to speak with their children.  No physician  should be able to prescribe medication without parental consent.  

Is It Really About Us?  
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how we as the church have to get over ourselves.  Why do we keep bringing ourselves up?    When we take into account that the United States of America makes up 5% of the world’s population yet America consumes more of the world’s resources including everything from food, money to oil.  All the while there are prophets not prophesying what God is saying and all this is happening while only eighteen percent of professing Christians actually read their Bible daily, according to George Barna.  This is not a world situation, it’s a church situation and the answer is when God’s people say they are sorry and then accompanying that by living a right life by God’s grace and mercy

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