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VFNRadio Xtra Hour Broadcast 11/26/12



    U.S. Citizenship Test:  Think you can     
Gr eg, John, and Pat discuss the importance of anyone who lives in America and anyone who wants to come to this country, to know and agree with the constitution; the supreme law of the land.   Greg shares how many people who migrate to the United States have to take a 100 question citizenship test and pass to be eligible to become a citizen.  Greg continues to ask John and Pat some of these questions.  They continue to discuss that it’s not only important for those who are seeking citizenship to know the constitution  and agree to it but those of us who presently are citizens to know and stand in agreement with the constitution as well. 


     Fiscal Cliff: Just Over a Month Away if No Resolution Found
Greg, John, and Pat discuss the Fiscal Cliff that is coming if there is no resolution.  With just over a month away, if there is no agreement between congress and the President, the fiscal cliff comes to nearly 23 million people who are unemployed and will immediately cease to receive unemployment as well as other government funded programs.    With the recent health care mandate many will find they will have to participate one way or the other.  They also discussed how 3% of Americans employ the other 97% of Americans and how determining tax increases are not as simple or easy as it has been made out to be.  If those who earn more are taxed more, you run the risk of making it and even more difficult for those who own business or who have the capital to start a business from moving forward and hiring people to work.


     Entrust Yourself to God; He’s got your back
In this wisdom moment found in Proverbs 26:7, If a man digs a pit, he will fall into it; if a man rolls a stone, it will roll back on  him.” Greg shares how we can get into much trouble if we attempt to avenge ourselves when an injustice is done to us.  We are called to suffer for doing good and at the same time we are to entrust ourselves to God Who judges justly.  Realize that those who attempt to plan traps for you, will one day be trapped by their own schemes.  Know that it is the Sons of God who are able to entrust themselves and the injustices in life to God while loving and blessing those who committed the injustice against them.


John and Greg share about the Top 3 Stories on the VFN Torch on November 26, 2012:


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