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5 Days to the Fiscal Cliff


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how as of today we are just only 5 days away from the fiscal cliff.  The House of Representatives and the Senate are at a standstill with neither side budging.  The President cut short his vacation which may be he shouldn’t have gone on, to make a deal so the country does not go over the fiscal cliff when President’s George Bush’s tax cuts expire.  Allegedly Fox News reports that jailed criminals are excited about the potential fiscal cliff because if we go over the cliff they know that funds will be limited to house criminals and some of them will have to be released.  They encourage the President not to let the Bush tax cuts expire.  They continue to discuss some of the effects of socialism and discuss a documentary about a London hospital in 1907.  We are too blessed of a nation, do we even realize it?

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