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Home » It’s okay to be Loyal to your Country

It’s okay to be Loyal to your Country

by Bogatyrenko 

LISTEN NOW! Greg and John discuss what is happening in France reported by CBN NEWS with a movement led by young people called, Generation Identity.  They are waging war against the Islamization of their country.  They were also encouraged by the young people in Egypt who are willing to stand and show their face in protest to the Muslim Brotherhood taking control of their country.    They discuss it’s okay to be loyal to your country when others like, radical Islam, want to come in to your country and change it like trying to institute sharia law.  The continued to speak about the pledge of allegiance we say in the United States and what allegiance actually means; loyal devotion.  It’s okay for Christians to be loyal to their religion and it’s okay for American’s to be loyal to the United States of America. Listen now below.

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