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Home » NFL Football player murder suicide sparks Conversation on Manhood

NFL Football player murder suicide sparks Conversation on Manhood


LISTEN NOW! Due to the recent tragedy involving NFL linebacker Jovan Belcher’s murder of his girlfriend Kassandra Perkins and then suicide; discussions surrounding this tragedy have risen in particular, about manhood.  It is being said by some that Jovan Belcher was a troubled man and if he had someone to talk to maybe this could have been avoided.  Kevin Powell a contributor was one of the first to begin this conversation.  Many men today are alone with no one in their lives to speak to.  They have been told that to express emotions is to admit weakness.  We have a problem in America.  We now have close to 30 million children growing up in fatherless homes and the fathers who are present spend as little as 35 seconds a day in meaningful conversation with their children.  We have a whole generation of young boys who have gotten instruction on manhood from Hollywood and the music industry.  John, Pat, and Chris share the importance of the church to, raise up men and begin to disciple them and to come together in small abiding groups where they can carry each other’s burdens.  They continue to speak of their 10 years of experience working with fathers and sons through, Next Step Outback and with small men’s groups.  They encourage men to seek out other Godly men, to learn from and to join an abiding group with other men learn to be there one for another.


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