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Home » NFL Football Player Tragedy brings up Controversy over Gun Control

NFL Football Player Tragedy brings up Controversy over Gun Control

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LISTEN NOW! Over the weekend a recent tragedy occurred involving Kansas City Chief Linebacker and his girlfriend.  Javon Belcher shot and killed his girl friend  and later drove to Arrowhead stadium thanked his coach for he has done for him and shot himself dead leaving their three month old daughter parentless.  Greg, John, and Pat discuss this tragedy, expresses their condolences and begin to encourage men who are going through life with struggles.  Many men today are going through so many struggles and are facing them alone without relationship with other men but most of all without a relationship with God. They continue to encourage men to get rightly related with other men and to pursue a relationship with God.   They continue to discuss how this tragedy has brought up the controversy regarding gun control.  Bob Costas allegedly took time Sunday afternoon during the football games to comment about gun laws.  Greg, John, and Pat continue to discuss how guns don’t kill people but people kill people.  They continue to share the importance of the second amendment.  As they continue to share God’s news behind the news they share what is happening in San Bernardino, California where the city’s bankruptcies have led to them to have to lay off 80 police officers.  As a result the city attorney warned residents according to the Sun to “ lock your doors and load your guns”.  He allegedly says it is the perfect example of why self reliance  is so important- because when the government can’t protect you anymore, you have to be able to protect yourself and family.  They encourage us to stand for our constitutional rights and to remain close to the God.

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