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Home » Pornography & Church : Adults and Teens too

Pornography & Church : Adults and Teens too

by Productions

LISTEN NOW! Pornography is a $97 billion dollar business every year and according to CBN makes more than Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Ebay, Google, and Yahoo combined.  Many are familiar with adults being addicted to Pornography but recent studies are showing teens are addicted to pornography as well, with first exposure to porn as young as 8 years old.  This is not just a problem that is affecting those that don’t know Jesus but many self-professing teenage Christians are viewing pornography.  “21 % of Christian girls, according to Shelley Hitz, admitted to sending a naked photo of themselves to someone else through their cellphone.”  John, Pat, and Chris discuss that sexual desire is from God and is designed for the proper context of husband and wife.  Sexual desire is of God and cannot be stopped just like desire for food (hunger) can’t be stopped but it can be steered by the power and grace of God.  They share that abiding with the Lord, accountability, and loading pornography blocking software are ways not to only put distance between oneself and porn but a pathway to victory.  They also share the church can’t condemn the world for sexual sins when sexual sins are so prevalent in the church.  The church needs to repent and at the same time restore brothers and sisters gently, according to Galatians 6:1, less they themselves be tempted in the same way.  Some of what else was shared; Christian rapper Lacrae rap song, “Killa”,,

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