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Home » The Power of Thoughts?

The Power of Thoughts?

by Amat

LISTEN NOW! Pat and John discuss the power of our thoughts.  Pat shares a story he heard regarding the affects how are inner thoughts have an effect in our outside world.  They continue to discuss how dark thoughts will take you to dark places and that it matters what thoughts we allow to run in our mind.  Thoughts are sometimes like wild horses they may come around and tempt us to mount up but once we do saddle up those thought will take us to place where we don’t want to go.  They continue to share the importance of scripture and about renewing our mind according to Romans 12:1-2.  They remind us that what we think determines, what we do, and what we do determines what we get.  If you don’t like what you been getting you need to change what you been thinking and you can do that by setting your mind on things above.

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