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Home » VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 12/27/12

VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 12/27/12


LISTEN NOW! Will you step out from amongst the crowd in 2013?

Greg, John and Pat share about how John the Baptist was baptizing people that had gathered around him.  John was surprised by who stepped out from the crowd.  It was Jesus in the crowd and it was not until that moment he stepped out was John able to recognize him.  So many people today want to be recognized before they step out.  The truth is that you need to trust God, step out and find out.   So many are content to be amongst the crowd but they’re not related.  They are just hanging around.  They encourage us to step out from amongst the crowd in 2013.


NY Newspaper publishes a map of Gun Owner’s Names and Addresses

Greg, John, and Pat discuss how a NY newspaper allegedly publishes a map of gun owner’s names and addresses.  They discuss how although they have the constitutional right to freedom of the press, one amendment should not be used to interfere with another.  They go on to say by publishing the names and addresses they are putting the gun owner’s in harm’s way as criminals are known to steal guns.  They continue to speak about the 2nd Amendment.

    Inject Google Phone into our bodies?
Greg, Pat, and John share about Google’s android phone and their alleged 30 second vision.  It’s not about upgrading your phone it’s about upgrading yourself.    The commercial shows a phone on the center of a man’s chest as he is strapped into a chair.  The commercial is essentially injecting you with “Google” android DNA.    Greg, John, and Pat continue to discuss the two trees in the garden and man’s quest for more knowledge and how that’s different from more knowledge of God.  Greg shares a prophetic dream about how every square inch of the world will be monitored.  We have seen attacks on the original intent of the church, the original intent of the nation and now the original intent of the body that God designed.  Also talked about, Ray Kurzeil who wrote the book How to Create a Mind.


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