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Home » America Celebrates Inauguration Day

America Celebrates Inauguration Day


America celebrates Inauguration day with hundreds of thousands of citizens on hand at the nation’s capital.  Today is also the national Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Observance day.  Greg, John, and Pat share that this is a significant day for our nation and our future generations cannot forget where our brothers and sisters have come from.  Amazing day and how it has survived the battlefields of ideas.  Our President said that our country is no longer a Christian nation.  With this statement he admitted that at some point in his eyes it was one.  There are many today who believe it still is and that all of our rights come from God.  The Church needs to get God’s constitution, the Bible, on the inside of us.  A nation like the United States that leaves its Constitution is a byproduct of a church that has left God’s Constitution.  There is an outpouring coming when the church will turn back to God.  God is looking for an opportunity to show man mercy.

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