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Home » Are we training Killers?

Are we training Killers?


Greg, John, Pat share about the recent school massacre in Newtown Connecticut.  They speak about how we need to call things by what they are and in the case of Newtown Connecticut and events like it to call them massacres.  They shared how even Hollywood put together a Public Service Announcement to ban guns.  Just a few days later someone put together another video with each of the actors in the PSA with their same statements but with additional video showing movie clips of their violent massacre scenes (Warning Viewer Discretion is advised – violence and language).  It is better for Hollywood to remain silent.  These were not shootings.  The word shooting is okay; we shoot and hunt for animals and target practice but what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary was a massacre.  They continue to mention an experiment done with Pavlov’s dog that was trained to come eat just by ringing a little bell.   Just like Pavlov’s dog are we training our children to be killers as they play for hours on video games killing and murdering people over and over again.  We are not going to be able to change anything with laws.  Change starts at home.  Begin to pray about making your home a safe home.  Make a stand in what type of games that will not to be allowed in your home even if your will is bypassed at least you took a known stand.


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