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Home » Careful, Careful before you pick up that Stone to throw it

Careful, Careful before you pick up that Stone to throw it


LISTEN NOW!  Greg, John, and Pat discuss the Boys Scouts organization alleged lift of banning gay’s from entering, according to CBN.  They continue to discuss how many in the church have become blind to their own sin.  The question we need to ask is what would Jesus do?  We need perspective on this.  When Jesus came he didn’t come to change what was going on with the Roman government.  He loved on people, taught the truth, and then people where able to leave a life of sin.  He was amongst them.  He dealt with the religious leaders of the day because they were professing they knew God and they didn’t.  Today many Christians are attacking, criticizing, and pointing fingers at those in sin all the while the church is in gross sin itself.  How can we stand on a religious soap box saying Gay marriage is wrong when 50 % of Christian marriages are ending in divorce, addicted to internet pornography, and 81 percent of professing believers don’t even read their Bibles according to George Barna.  Sin is sin.  The question is, how can we be critical of those who have sinned and don’t know God when those who claim to know God refuse to deal with their sin.  It’s time to deal with the pole in our eyes before dealing with the speck in others.

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