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Get your Sea Legs Prophetic Insight for what’s coming

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LISTEN NOW! Greg shares prophetic insight for what is coming.  He encourages us to get our seal legs and to brace ourselves.  He shares in detail about a prophetic vision the Lord gave him about many people focusing on a little tornado all the while not focusing on the dark sky above and while they were distracted by this seemingly small tornado the sky fell and then turned into water and a huge type tsunami wave was headed west.  This was not good.  He continues to share that recently CBN is reporting that 46 states have pensions that will be due this year and haven’t set aside money for them.  The economy will suffer greatly.  In this same segment he introduces more prophetic insight from Rick Joyner, of Morning Star Ministries, and his sharing of recent reports according to the International Monetary Fund that the United States of America’s true debt is not the 16 trillion that they are reporting but more like $200 trillion.  Greg continues to share that you can prepare yourself.  You can either put your trust in God or in money.  You have to learn how to hear God’s voice not only to survive to but to know God and obey him.   He continues to share prophetically regarding marshal law and the benefits of good people operating in definitive authority.  True authority is such a foreign thing in today’s society.  The church must learn to move in true authority.  Everyone is looking for someone who will do what they say.  Great faith and authority are a must.  He continues to say that there is going to be a clamp down because of the great lawlessness of the church.  We can repent and move in true authority again.



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