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Let your light Shine


John and Pat share about Matthew 5:14-16 where Jesus tells his disciples that they are the light of the world.  The purpose of light is so we can see.  You don’t light a lamp and immediately put a bowl over it.  However, many believers today are placing bowls over their lights and allowing their light to shine in self focused controlled environments.  Light only belongs in darkness.  They continue to discuss how too many lights in one area becomes wasteful when in reality the light is functioning its best when it is placed in the environment it was designed to function.  As believers God instructs us to shine our light in the dark world.  Many people today are enslaved in darkness and are bound, they would benefit tremendously from the true light of Jesus.  They encourage us to share Jesus with others that don’t know him.  Get out in to our communities and let our good deeds shine so that people would see them and praise God in heaven.  The Lord loves every single person.   He wants us to love people and by loving them we let our light shine.

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