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Life is short; Just do the right thing


    Greg, John, and Pat discuss how life is so short when they speak of a young woman who was only 35 when she just passed away.  We don’t live forever and the only thing we take is what is buried with us.  They continue to discuss the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus found in Luke 16:19-31.  At the end Lazarus the beggar made it while the rich man who was in torment was asking for help.  We need a huge paradigm shift in America when it comes to sharing with the poor.  They continue to discuss if many in the church are robbing God in their tithes how can they really respond to the poor among us.  Pat also shares about how the book Ecclesiastes in the Bible says how sorrow refines and purifies us and how going through pain allows us to draw close to God in our time of need.   He also shared how one woman’s encounter with cancer helped her to get her life right with God.  Life is short, do the right thing and live for God.


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