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R- Rescue – God is going to rescue His people. Matthew 14:28-30

E- Extreme Measures – God will use extreme measures to keep and sustain you. Psalm 121:5-8

S-Signs – There will be signs in the heavens. Genesis 1:14

U- Usher – God is sending His ministering spirits to usher in God’s provision and purposes.

R- Recover & Recovery – We will recover all that has been lost!

R- Russia – Keep a wary eye on Russia and their allies.

E- Earthquake – Remember the earthquake dream.

C- Candlestick – God is in the process of establishing and removing candlesticks.

T-Time Time is quickly running out.

I- Israel Israel and Jerusalem are God’s timepieces.

O- Overthrow – God will overthrow evil.

N- Near – His Coming is nigh!

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