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Start 2013 with Vision


Greg, John, and Pat, discuss the importance of having clear vision for 2013.  There is nothing more frustrating than having your vision impaired.  There is expected to be great turmoil, shifting events that can really shake you up physically, mentally and spiritually in 2013 if you don’t have vision.  If you didn’t have a clear direction and an understanding of what matters most to you, prior to these happenings.  It may almost be impossible to get it together in those times if your vision is not clear.  It will make you vulnerable to following others who have a clear vision, but not a godly vision, meant to place you in bondage.  A person without a plan, a vision, is at the mercy of the man, or demon that has one!  Sit down after prayer and seeking out what is most important to you in regards to your values.

Once you have discovered your governing values now it’s time to begin to plan your vision, your plan for 2013, based on your values.  For it is our values that are our fuel and when we are operating outside of our value system, although on surface it looks successful on the inside we are wasting away. Clear vision is the way to make it through 2013. Kneschke

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