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The Mercies of God


John and Pat discuss the King Manasseh and his journey to find God in 2 Chronicles 33.  Manasseh did much evil in the eyes of the Lord.  He did very wicked things.  He did not follow the ways of his Father who honored God.  God even tried to speak to Manasseh but he paid God no mind.  At this one moment God could have taken Manasseh’s life but instead God extended mercy to him.  God brought the army of Assyria; they took him prisoner, put a hook in his nose, bound him with bronze shackles and took him captive to Babylon. It was through this mercy that Manasseh came to the end of himself.  He was able to cry out to God and humbly sought out God’s favor.  God was so moved by his earnest and sincere cry that God brought him back, restored him and gave him a second chance.  That is the mercy of God.  God’s mercies are new of every morning. We need to appropriate the mercy of God and change and turn back to him.  Don’t ignore God; turn to him in great humility and make things right.

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