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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 1/24/13


Roe Vs. Waded Celebrated?

Greg, John, and Pat discuss a recent video celebrating the 40th year anniversary of Roe v Wade.   The video was of a man sitting in a chair seductively talking to man as he would address a woman.  The whole point of the video was to convey that we can have as much sex as we want and kill our babies.    You can buy into this deception that says, good is evil and that evil is good.  The church has to turn back to God and stop focusing on watching the church and begin to be the church.  The truth of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins.  We need to depend and trust on God’s finished work on the cross.  Great darkness is in the earth, turn to the light of Jesus.

Women being sent to the frontlines of combat
Greg, John, and Pat discuss outgoing Secretary of Defenses decision to lift the ban of woman soldiers fighting on the front lines.  They begin a discussion on, how can we send our mothers, wives and daughters to the front lines of battle while we sit back on the fat of the land.  When we give ourselves over we are rejecting God and pushing Him away.  The Song of Solomon in the Bible was written so that we may know how deep God’s love is for us.   The nation is just simply reflecting the church.  The church is out of order.  We have opened the door to sin which starts with fascination then turns to form plots and schemes, and then it becomes fact.   We must repent over it; it’s not okay to kill a child.  If this has happened in your life God can forgive you, heal you and restore you. It started with providing birth control and ended with our mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives on the front lines of battle.


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