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Home » VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 1/28/13

VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 1/28/13

    Pro Life and Pro Death Marchers march alongside each other 
Greg, John, and Pat discussed how prolife and pro-death marchers walked together on the 40th anniversary of Roe V. Wade.  Allegedly 65 percent of professing Christian women chose to end life.  The question is what are we teaching?   Have we created a bingo environment?  Jesus was moved with compassion when he saw sheep that were harassed and helpless.  The deeper question is why do we hate our children that even when we are fertile we kill our offspring.  The real issue is that we don’t want to be inconvenienced, but children are not inconvenient to us if we love them.  The biggest way we can affect women and men is to go birth them in the kingdom of God.  If we birth them and raise them they will follow God.
    Drones, Drones, Drones
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how drones fly 25,000 feet in the air and are able to take pictures at 8,000 resolution.  They are watching mankind.  It has lasers and points at people and has been used not only for spying but to kill people as well.  Drones have been used to kill 70 percent of Al-Qaida.  Senator Rand Paul fears a day where drones will be used by the thousands to spy over Americans. 
Military is being gutted, says General Martin Joint Chief of Staff
John, Greg and Pat discussed what the Joint Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey said about the military being gutted because of budget cuts.  The General says the budget cuts will effect operations, maintenance, and training.  Ships will return to ports, aircrafts will be grounded, and training curtailed.  Our readiness will begin to erode, within months we will be less prepared and within a year we will be unprepared.  We are seeing the weakening of America.  We have to ask the question is America under Judgment?  There is a strategy to take this nation down.  The church must stay awake and stand and fight for this country.  At the same time, how can the church stand and fight for the country when it has not been willing to fight and stand on God’s truth, with George Barna reporting that only 19 percent of the church actually reads their Bible?  What is happening is just another fulfillment of prophesy, history told in advance.  God is warning us so that we may be prepared.

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