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Home » VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour 1/2913

VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour 1/2913

    If Jesus had a Facebook
Greg, John, and Pat discuss the idea what it would have been like if Jesus had a Facebook.  They go along Jesus’ life as he would have chronicled and post things on his Facebook.  From the time he was unknown, to when he was widely known, to a time that no one wanted to know Him.  This is a riveting journey that keeps you listening to what happens next.  Some things you may know and some things you will be surprised to know but at the end you will know what it would have been like if Jesus had a Facebook.
    Will God forgive you? Dealing with forgiveness
John, Greg, and Pat discuss whether God will forgive you if you refuse to forgive someone else.  They share out of Matthew 18: 21-35.  They discuss the parable that is shared in God’s word about a King who forgave one of his subjects a debt that the man could never pay; an insurmountable debt that in today’s time would equate to millions of dollars.  The man was completely free from this debt.  Later some men who had witnessed this great forgiveness saw this same man choke another man because the man had owed him maybe something of the equivalent of 20 dollars.  The Bible says say that we will be tortured if we don’t forgive from the heart.  Many today are tortured in their bodies, emotions and in their relationships because they have refused to forgive someone who has done them wrong.  Verse 12 in the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-14, forgive us as we have forgiven our debtors.  We have prayed a prayer that holds us accountable to receive forgiveness in the same capacity that we have forgiven others, meaning if we don’t forgive, God can’t forgive us.  It’s better to let it go and give it to God.  Refuse to be jailed up with bitterness, hurt, and pain when God can heal you and forgive you but you must first forgive.


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