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VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour 1/30/13


1    Bible Minded Cities in America

John, Greg, and Pat discuss a recent study conducted by the Barna Group.  The study was an attempt to look at how 96 of the largest cities in the nation view the Bible. The report  ranks what they considered Bible minded cities.  Bible minded is an individual  who reports to reading the Bible in a typical week and who strongly asserts the Bile is accurate in the principles it teaches.  The study is interesting.  They rank the cities from most Bible minded to least.  They continue to share with us that it is not just important to believe the Bible is accurate but it is important to do what the Bible instructs us to do according to James 2:22.

    Things that make you say Hmm, really Christians

Greg, John, and Pat discuss some of the questions Greg has been pondering.  Questions like, how can a Christian man who is addicted to internet pornography judge the world for their sexual sins?  How can Christian men and women protest taxes  when according to George Barna and the Barna Group are robbing God because only a small percentage of the church actually tithes?  How can Christians demand prayer be put back in schools when children say their parents don’t pray at home?  If the church wants the world to be healed it is going to have to go first.


VFN Torch Top 3

John, Greg, and Pat share what the top 3 stories are on the VFN Torch on January 30, 2013.

Intercessor Vs. Inter “successor”

Greg shares how this is a significant difference between an Intercessor and a Inter “successor” .  An intercessor is one who gets in between a situation;  a person who stands in the gap.  They don’t want bad things to happen to people.  Abraham didn’t want Sodom to be destroyed.  Inter “successor” is a person who succeeds or follows God.  These are people who are constantly in the ears of those who God has called to lead His people.  Intercessors are those who are submitted to the leader and receive the prayer strategy contrast to the Inter “successor” who wants to give strategies and plans because they want to succeed the one called to lead.  The question is how has God called you to lead? We are called to follow those God has called not give them direction.


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