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VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour 1/7/13


The Rewarded Secret Life

Many today are shocked to find out that someone has lived a secret life.  Their secret life involved things that they shouldn’t have done but there is a secret life that God rewards when we are doing the right thing with the right motives.  John and Pat discuss three things the Lord instructs his followers to do; give to the needy, pray, and fast.   Jesus is not just concerned with us doing them and completing a task he is just as interested in our motives for doing them.  If we do anything for the eyes and praises of man than that is our reward.  However, the Lord invites us to the secret place.  The Lord wants us to minister to Him and to be only concerned with His eyes upon us.  It’s in this secret place, in this secret life of worship to God, that God rewards us.  Jesus died to win the hearts of a people that would follow him out of sincere devotion and our willingness to seek Him in secret and enjoy His reward.

Loving Those God Loves

Greg asks a very important question.  One which if answered correctly will have profound influence when it comes to relating with others and our perception of other people.  The question is: Who does God Love?  The answer is all mankind.  People who are like us and people who are not like us as well as people who do good and those who do evil.   As Christians how can we hate the one’s God loves for God himself is love?  We are called to love.  John and Pat continue to share that there is a big difference between “religion” and love.  Religion focuses on outward acts that have an appearance of godliness but that’s all.  God is not in it.  We are called to be Christ’s ambassadors, His representatives on the face of the earth. We can begin to do that when we understand the basis that God does everything in love.  We are most like God when we love those He loves.

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