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Being a Disciple according to Jesus


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss what being a disciple is according to Jesus in Matthew 16:24-25.  Jesus speaking to his disciples speaks clearly on what it means to be his disciple.  Accepting Jesus into our heart is more than just saying a prayer but it’s about having a relationship with the Lord.  Jesus said that if anyone would come after him he must do three things.   One must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow him.  This may appear far different from messages today that suggest that you can just add Jesus, as if you could, to what you are presently doing and that’s it.  The truth is that when we give our lives to Jesus we no longer belong to ourselves.  The Apostle Paul said I have become a bond slave to him.  John the Baptist said I must decrease so that He might increase.  The way to go after God is to lose our selfish, lives and follow Him.  Be imitators and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ in everything. 



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