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Community Organizers trying to Organize the Church?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how community organizers are trying to organize the church.  Greg recounts a time when he was a community organizer when he was young in his walk with God before he knew what community organizing was all about.  His pastor at the time asked him to represent their local church fellowship and upon meeting with an organization that headed the community organizers he found out what they were doing.  He found out the church was taken advantage of because of their naivety and a desire to do something good in their community.  One such leader shared how pastors in the community where sharing with them everything that was going on.  Things that she didn’t need to know.  They go on to say that the church should be careful in who they let come into the church to share.  What he found out is that the organizers come into a church to use them to turn a people.  God’s people should not be a part of any manipulation or control of anyone.  Neither should employees manipulate their employers.  Christians shouldn’t force anyone to do anything, that’s un-godly.  Instead, pray for those who are in authority.

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