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Former Navy Seal Sniper murdered and PTSD


John, Pat, and Chris, discuss how Ex-Navy Seal Sniper Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield were murdered at a gun range.
  Chris Kyle after serving four tours in Iraq helped many returning veterans and helped them with their recovery of Post Traumatic Stressed Disorder.  Allegedly the man who shot and killed Chris and his friend was taken by Chris to the range.  The shooter is alleged to be a former marine battling PTSD.  John, Pat, and Chris share their condolences to Chris and Chad’s family on their loss.  They continue to discuss a new Department of Veteran Affairs study shows that the toll of suicide on veterans is even higher than previously suspected.  This new report says according the NY Daily News a U.S. military veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes.  That’s 22 service members every day.  They continue to discuss how believers and Americans alike should honor our veterans, help them find employment and continue to pray for them and their families.


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Source Image: screen capture from youtube.com/NewsmaxTV

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