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Is there a remedy for America?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how America is at a crossroads and they explore if there is a remedy for America.  Through Israel and the church’s history God has sent warnings through His messengers and He is still sending them today.  God who is rich in mercy and love has continued to send us remedy upon remedy that we might turn away from sin and turn to Him.  The fact that He sends us warnings means that there is hope.  However, there is hope if we choose well.  America is at a cross road where one road if taken will be awesome and another if taken will be horrific.  It’s not time to test the Lord but to heed his warnings.  It’s time for the watchmen the messengers who are sent from God to share, to proclaim the warnings, the kindness and sternness of God so that America would turn her heart to God.  It’s time leave the gospel that is being preached  and begin to read the Gospels, or just the “red letters”, Jesus’ words. Luke 12:35-48 tells us to be watchmen, dressed, ready with lamps burning eagerly anticipating the master’s return.   God loves America and the people of America, don’t mock the messenger but rather heed his warnings. 

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