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Manhunt for Ex Police Officer



Greg, John, and Pat discuss a manhunt presently underway for a fired, ex-police officer who allegedly has murdered former police colleagues family members.  The shooter says he will kill more of the police family members.  Greg, John, and Pat continue to share how police officers are human too and have to protect their families. Often times, police officers live in the same community that they arrest people and put other people’s family members in jail.  They continue to discuss how we are not wrestling with flesh in blood as the bible instructs us but with demonic spirits that have possessed people such as in the Newtown, and Aurora killings.  We don’t need to medicate these people we need to set them free and delivered.  We need to cry out for justice to take place and pray that the shooter will be found and stopped quickly.


Source Image: Shutterstock.com/Masyle

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