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VFNRadio Broacast First Hour 2/14/13


    Be Mine, Jesus


John, Greg, and Chris share some interesting statistics about Valentine’s Day in terms of how much money is being spent on this holiday to promote love.  They continued to share that Jesus paid the highest price to prove his love for us and that was, HE died on the cross for our sins.  He paid the price so we wouldn’t have to.  “Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends John 15:13.






    Former U.S. Most Deadliest Sniper laid to rest


Greg, John, and Chris discuss how former United States most deadly sniper was laid to rest.  Many were present to honor him, his service to his country, and his support of wounded veterans.



    Horse  meat falsely labeled as beef in Europe

Greg, John, and Chris discuss how horse meat was sold as beef in Europe.  60% of the meat found in frozen spaghetti was horse meat.


The Glory of GOD


Greg, John, and Chris discuss the glory of God and how we are designed for God’s glory.  They continue to discuss three characteristics of the Glory of God they experienced.  The glory’s thickness, weightiness, and that it feels charged.  They recount experiencing the Glory of God in significant measure during the Brownsville Revival.  When repentance is preached times of refreshing comes.  There is a greater glory coming to the church.  We are believing for God to pour out His spirit for a third great awakening.



Is God into Plea deals? 

Greg, John, and Chris discuss how God is into plea deals according to Matthew  5:25-26.  God wants us to settle matters quickly with those who are our adversary, especially those taking us to court.  Reality is not always relevant but perspective always is.  God is more into us being in his will instead of our own justice.  We should always pray and ask God to settle the matter quickly and bless those who are against us. 




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