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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 2/13/13


State of the Union?

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the State of the Union given by President Obama last night.  They continued to say that we need to stop putting all the blame on the President and elected officials for what they are saying when it was the people who elected them.  Who is worst the one potentially telling us the untruths or the people who are demanding the untruths?  We have seen even the Speaker of the House John Boehner, third in succession to the Presidency should the President or Vice President die in office, be willing to bypass the will of the people by demoting conservative committee chairs and making back room deals with the President.


    We Have an App for that!


Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Greg and his son were looking for something in the dark and the flashlight that Greg had was not that greatest.  His son pulled out his phone and used his flash light app to light the way to Greg’s surprise.  Well, you know we have an app that is a light too.  It’s the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ that is shared daily on VFNtv and the Daily VFNRadio Program.  It is so important to walk in the light.  Download the app VFNtv and Daily VFNRadio app today.


    Greg and John ATM adventure in Louisiana with Armed Man


Greg and John share a time when they were in Bossier City Louisiana.  After they had dinner something was wrong with the credit card so they needed to go find an ATM machine.  In a time where smart phones were not invented and no access to GPS they had no idea where they were going.  John remembers he knows someone who can help them out.  They continue to share a funny story of the armed man that took them all over Bossier City Louisiana to find an ATM machine as the night got darker and darker.  An adventure they have not forgotten.


A Rapid Church Planting Movement in Russia


Greg, John and Pat discuss the rapid church planting movement that is taking place in a heavily populated Muslim region.  In a region that is very dangerous to be a Christian, and where Christians are meeting in homes.  They joke that they won’t have a church long because they send so many believers out to plant churches.   According to Peter Wagner church planting is the best form or evangelism. 


    Chuck Hagel Nominated Secretary of Defense is NO friend of Israel


Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Chuck Hagel, nominated Secretary of Defense, is no friend of Israel.  According to Fox News the Senate Armed Service Committee voted 14-11 to advance Hagel’s nomination.  Chuck Hagel was asked to provide video and audio transcripts for speeches he has given in the previous five years.  Mr. Hagel was only able to find four out of hundreds.  However, according to Breitbart News, Chuck Hagel was quoted as saying that the U.S. “shouldn’t even be thinking about the options of bombing Iran.” It was also reported that he allegedly said that not even in the event of a nuclear attack on Israel and suggested Israel would be the first to attack Iran with nuclear weapons.  What we are seeing with this nomination from President Obama is how he himself truly feels about Israel, our only ally in the Middle East.  They continue to encourage us to pray for Israel, to support Christians United for Israel and to remember that as Israel goes so goes the Church.




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