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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 2/18/13


     TL Osborn Evangelist Remembered


Greg, John, and Pat remember the life and ministry of Evangelist TL Osborn.  It is said of TL Osborn’s ministry that he was the first missionary to have open air meetings.  He and his wife ministered in India in their twenties.


Justice Department Says Home schooling your children is not a right


John, Greg, and Pat discuss how the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder has stated that home schooling is not a right.  Although education falls under the authority of the states, all have said that home schooling is legal It is important to take note of the views of Washington and their possible intentions.  Their goal is to fundamentally transform America.



Don’t wait to experience Hard times heed the warning before it comes


Greg, John, and Pat discuss how accidents happen but before they happen they were not accidents.  The same is true with hard times.  The sad thing is that some people say that unless something happens to them it is not real.  The reality is that Wisdom is shouting in the streets.  Hard times are coming.  This was true in the times of Noah, and right before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  God has lovingly sent his messengers his warnings for us to turn away from sin and turn our hearts back to God. 




You can’t receive Love until you forgive;  Start with forgiving yourself


Greg, John, and Pat discuss how you can’t receive love until you forgive and the best place to start is with yourself.  People who can’t forgive themselves not only punish themselves but others as well.  Self-hate is being in agreement with what the devil has spoken to you about yourself.    They continue to speak about how NBA basketball star Dwayne Wade just bought his mother a two million dollar church building.  His mother who now is a minister wasn’t always saved.  In fact while Dwayne was a boy his mother was addicted to drugs and was arrested and it was that period of incarceration that caused his mother to be filled with self-hate for what her life had become.  After years of struggling with addiction Dwayne’s mother gave her life to Jesus and found freedom. 




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