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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 2/19/13


    Force time to comply with your destiny


Today more than ever time seems to just fly by.  Greg, John, and Pat share about how you have to force time to comply with your destiny.    God has given us a measure of time and it is important for us to get a good perception of it.  They challenge us to do something for God with our time.  Do not wait for anybody for you stand alone before God.  The only thing you will have is what you did with the time He gave you.  Force time to comply with your destiny, write your vision so that you and others can run with it. 



    Mexico Asking U.S. Government for Registry of U.S. Gun Owners


John, Greg and Pat discuss how the country of Mexico has asked United States Senators, according to the Blaze, for a gun registry of gun owners on the Border States.  They discuss how Mexico who can’t even control drugs and the violent cartels have not right to ask the United States government for a gun registry, besides the fact that it is unconstitutional.  They continue to share how democratic lawmakers in Washington State are proposing a bill that allows the Sheriff of the county to conduct once a year gun inspections of lawful gun owners.  This is a complete violation of the Constitution in particular our 2nd and 4th amendment rights. Our founding fathers made this clear in the Constitution which each politician swears an oath to defend against enemies foreign and domestic.



Take TIME to Rest before you Crash
Greg, John, and Pat share about the importance of taking time to rest.  Sometimes we can be so busy even doing a good thing but still doesn’t mean we forego resting.  Isaiah 28:12-13 says “This is the resting place, let the weary rest”; and, “this is the place of repose” but they would not listen.  So then, the word of the Lord to them will become do and do, do and do, rule on rule, rule on rule; a little here and a little there so that they will go and fall backward be injured and snared and captured.  This is exactly what happened to the revivalist Evan Roberts; he became so tired that he was lulled away and never heard from again.  Taking a sabbatical always seems like it’s the worst time but that is more proof of the need to rest, recharge and be refreshed by the Lord. 



   The Prayer of FAITH not of doubt


John, Greg, and Pat share about praying with Faith without doubting what you are asking God to do.  Many today have become skeptical, suspicious and mistrusting because much of the world today is filled with so much deception and falsehood.  They continue to talk about some of the things that make God so appealing in this life, He is Faithful and True and that He is trustworthy.  As believers we must believe that He exists and that He, God, will reward us for seeking Him.  Jesus tells us in Mark 11: 22-24 that whatever you ask for in prayer believe that you have received it without doubting and it will be done for you.  God’s word says that without faith it is impossible to please God.  God instructs us to pray without wavering in our belief declaring God’s word in our life and over a situation and believing that you presently have what you are asking God to do.  Basically, God says it; I believe it and that settles it




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