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VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour 2/11/23



    Are we still expecting babies?
Greg, John, and Pat discuss a new book titled, What to Expect When No One is Expecting: America’s Demographic Disaster.  They discuss how China has surpassed America in exports.  Allegedly China’s policy about children is to kill any child born after the first born to a family.  Even in Europe, less and less Europeans are having babies and the only thing that is stopping the decline of Europe’s population is the migration of Muslims. They continue to discuss how Japan’s young men have a negative feeling toward getting married.  All of this is a plot by satan to destroy the image and likeness of God. 
Technology of the future; friend or foe
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss technology of the future and whether it is friend or foe.  One of the things they discussed is new technology known as Trans humans, where technology will actually be embedded into a part of the human body.  The technology will be able to help with a host of otherwise complicated health problems that would now be easily solved.  The cellphones most people have today are more powerful than some of the first personal computers on the market.  They continue to discuss what should be the Christian’s response in terms of how they should relate to technology.  We need to be over technology and not have technology over us.    In terms of accepting the mark of the beast the technology is already present that could easily see this as a reality. They continue to discuss that there is going to be a time that we should pull off the grid because technology will try to totally take us over.  They encourage us to learn to abide with God with a printed Bible and journal so that when that time comes your ability to have a relationship with God and hear his voice will not be hampered.
President Obama and Executive Orders

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the concerns that exist among many in terms of the President having the power to issue executive orders if those orders are unconstitutional.  The ability to make law is the responsibility of the Congress however Executive Orders allow Congress to be bypassed.  All executive orders after 90 days become law.  Executive orders are not necessarily bad if they don’t try to do away with the Constitution and infringe on our rights.  President Obama has issued Executive Orders of concern.

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